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A COMMENT ON THE elections: God be with us; we will need him.

RANT ON RICHMOND Coun­ty Animal Services, who didn’t come when there is a call placed. Three dogs were hit and one lay dying in the street. It was awful! The dog owners are letting their animals run free. It is more humane for a dog to be euthanized than killed by a car.

THE PETREAUS CASE has too many oddly timed connections to be coincidence. And face it, he has been a political animal from his days at West Point. How many cadets marry the commandant’s daughter? 

The news story seems to show that Petraeus never did much in the way of actual combat – he was in Haiti and Yugoslavia? After that, he was ranked so high that actual combat never touched him. No, this is just one more case of Obama and his handlers manipulating us via lies and more lies.

FALL: THAT TIME IN the South when the pine straw makes your yard look like it needs a haircut.

IN A SPEECH, OBAMA says the majority of Americans agree with him. What a boatload of rubbish. I cannot decide if this statement represents the height of arrogance or the depths or ignorance. Only a majority of voting Americans voted for Obama: that does not mean they agree with him. The Catholics do not agree with him over abortion, birth control, same-sex marriage or how he treats Israel. The Jews do not agree with him over how he treats Israel. The black, faith-based community disagrees with him over same-sex marriage, and those evangelicals who voted for him disagree with him over abortion, same-sex marriage and Israel.

IF THEY ARE TRULY for individual liberty, freedom and prosperity, Republicans should put legalizing weed and moonshine on their 

platform. When they made moonshine illegal, the feds bankrupted small acreage farmers, turning them into sharecroppers. Legalizing and taxing would enable people to thrive, reduce the costs for police,
kneecap the Mexican cartels and create tax revenues.

SOME GUY IS USING a $1.8 million grant to “study,” “revamp” a corridor from downtown to the dead Regency Mall? Since it can’t take nearly 2 million bucks to look over some maps, where is the money going?



Sat, 01/20/2018 - 19:51

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