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PETRAEUS IS NOT being let go because of an extramarital affair. Nobody in Washington gets kicked out over running around. He is let go because he knows too much about President Obama and this Benghazi mess.



JENKINS COUNTY’S unemployment is now 17 percent. Barrow and Obama are making good progress at destroying the very people they claim to represent.


DON’T THINK I’VE ever seen a more incompetently run political campaign as that of GOP congressional candidate Lee Anderson. They gave Anderson such awful advice that it makes you almost wonder if they were working for the Democrats.


TO ALL SPECULATING about what did/is happening in Benghazi: As a previous intelligence person I will assure you that you will never know what really happened because it is above your security clearance, even if you had one.


TO THE RANTER who claims Azziz does not know the South: I am sure that he knows enough to know that change is constant and that change will happen no matter who is in charge.


WE HAVE HAD A number of high profile individuals fall out of grace. For instance, John Edwards, Lance Armstrong and David Petraeus. While some may sympathize, it should be noted that they got into the mess they are in by their own actions.


GOOD LUCK, ISRAEL. You are in our prayers, but you will be on your own when you are attacked. The USA can’t even protect its own ambassadors anymore.


AT LEAST THE Rants & Raves are the voice of the people, not writers whose employment is defined by their beliefs. The opinion section of The Chronicle and its biased articles helped shape the local elections. The Chronicle, just like the Tea Party and Republican Party, will be rendered obsolete unless it starts to adopt the premise that the people want fair and balanced reporting. Give people the facts and let them draw their own conclusions.



Sun, 01/21/2018 - 20:23

Rants and raves