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I HAVE BEEN waiting at the airport to wish all those “… leaving the country if Obama wins …” a nice trip. Haven’t seen anyone yet, but I am keeping my fingers crossed.

MY HEART GOES OUT to the sane people of Augusta. Marion Williams back on the commission. Those who fail to learn from history …

WHY NOT USE the name UGA at AUGUSTA (UGAA) like USC at AIKEN does (USCA)? OR UGARA. This may cancel the lawsuit.

THE GOP SEEMS to have gone all out to pretend to want to win while they really seemed to work hard to lose; and at that they were successful, so they continue with their game playing.

THE CHRONICLE’S AREA crime map looks like a sea of red flags. It’s only gonna get worse because we’ve re-elected a Congress and president who will continue to sell the communist idea that if you’re living off government handouts, you are still not getting enough. Watch your back, America!

THANKS TO THE 18,662 voters who voted in Marion Williams for commissioner. You voted for a man who had a bad attitude before and as he said himself recently he will continue to have that bad attitude. Great job, guys, for creating a future disaster!

WITH BOTH BIG political parties controlled by grossly corrupt goons, what’s next?

LET’S LEARN FROM what Greece is going through. Its latest austerity measures, which will further slash pensions and salaries, have resulted in 80,000 rioters rampaging outside Parliament. Let’s get our country back in fiscal order before it’s too late!

WITH THE ELECTION, nothing has changed. Obama has the same policies, and the House and Senate have the same mix of representatives as before. Since gridlock will be the name of the game, I do not see much hope for real change. Sad really.

“YOUR CHILDREN’S CHILDREN will live under communism. You Americans are so gullible. No, you won’t accept communism outright, but we’ll keep feeding you small doses of socialism until you will finally wake up and find that you already have communism. We won’t have to fight you. We’ll weaken your economy, until you fall, like overripe fruit into our hands.” – Nikita Khrushchev, 1959


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Rants and raves

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Aiken man charged with tax evasion