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THE ELECTION IS OVER. Woe unto America. We will get what we deserve. Coming soon: economic collapse, abandonment of the military, turning our back on Israel, and a full federally operated medical system. The end of Western civilization is right behind that, then Sharia law throughout the world. I understand Sears is having a sale on sackcloth and ashes.


ALL HOPE IS LOST. This election proves that America has taken leave of its senses. Expect continued degradation of freedom and economic catastrophe in America.


AM I A SORE LOSER? You bet I am, and especially when someone wins who is totally undeserving of a victory.


RANT TO ROMNEY. I’m a white 38-year-old union mechanic, and I voted for Obama because I’m one of those who care about Medicare.


RICHMOND COUNTY, YOU have opened up a can of worms by having a sheriff who is no good with leadership ability, no one will follow, people will leave the police force and we won’t get as good service. Second chances are not a policeman’s job. Their job is to enforce the law and arrest. The courts give the second chances.


RAVE FOR ALL the men and women who participated in the Bike-a-thon at Lake Springs and the Bartram Trail. I am a hiker up there, and they are always so nice, friendly and courteous on those trails. Let’s give praise for those men and women who do this on a regular basis.


RANTS FOR THE BIKERS on the Greeneway in North Augusta. They are very rude and have no regard for walkers and children on that walkway. Please do something about these rude bikers.


I WANT TO THANK the people of Columbia County for giving us that Anderson fellow. That was pitiful. Now look what we have to put up with – Barrow for another two years. I’m sorry that folks of Columbia County didn’t do better for us.


WHY WOULD PEOPLE want Marion Williams back on the Richmond County Commission? What a terrible waste.


CONGRATULATIONS, Democrats, for voting another four years of socialism and welfare society. If you think Obamacare is great, you are in for a big shock. I know what happened to England when the so-called free care took effect. I lived there. Fewer and fewer doctors.



Mon, 01/15/2018 - 18:58

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