Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


AS IF IT IS NOT bad enough that we have to wait 17 minutes during rush-hour traffic for the train to clear River Watch Parkway, some idiot pulls up into traffic and rattles everybody’s windows with his obnoxious, loud and profane music.

EVEN IN ‘CRIMSON TIDE’ (the movie) the old, cantankerous conservative lost out to the progressive who was smarter and more articulate. The movie was poetic justice, but showcased a never-ending cycle of cronyism that exists in true form in our politics today.

THE TERRORIST rampage on Nov. 5, 2009, at Ford Hood, Texas, caused 13 people to die and injuries to two dozen more. The government has the audacity to call the act “workplace violence.” Kudos to those who are now suing the government for compensation for the attack. Also, let’s get on with the trial of the terrorist Nidal Hasan, who caused all of the havoc, and stop dragging things out.

I THOUGHT newscasters were supposed to keep their opinions to themselves when it comes to their political choices. Sweet as he is, it seems inappropriate for Harley Drew to give his personal thoughts on this matter, and the other announcers should also edit their stories to remain free of bias. Save it for the talk shows.

A LAWYER FOR a Mexican national argued before the Georgia Supreme Court this month that the law that requires a person to have a Georgia-issued license to drive is unconstitutional because it discriminates against non-Georgia citizens (e.g., illegal immigrants). Is this a joke or what?

RANT TO ALL naysayers in regard to the new elected officials. It’s done! It’s time for positive participation to help our city, county and nation. It’s not time for negative, hateful and divisive comments that will not help in solving issues.

THANKS TO OLIN for closing down its chlorine plant and the use of mercury here in Augusta. I know the loss of about 80 jobs is sad and will have an impact, but mercury would have serious consequences for the people in our community if the plant continued.

RANT TO ALL the people who decided to get upset on Belair Road and Hereford Farm while I sat there broken down in my car. Thanks a lot for stopping and asking if I needed help.