Rants & Raves



IF PEOPLE WHO work and pay taxes have to take drug tests to keep their jobs, why shouldn’t people taking welfare paid for by taxpayers have to take drug tests to keep on the welfare books?


SOME ORGANIZATIONS DON’T have volunteers because you don’t know how to treat them the right way. At the end of the time they should give you a small gift card. And there are too many bosses. It is no wonder people aren’t coming in if people are bossy and don’t know how to treat people.


FROM A FRIEND: “Even my 6-year-old gets it … She said, ‘Mommy, if there is only one person in the entire world who likes the name Georgia Regents University, then they probably shouldn’t use that name.’ ”


RANT TO THE CITY of Harlem: Why does the city not do something about the junk in front yards and how horrible this looks as people drive through town?


AZZIZ IS AT IT AGAIN. His dreaming continues with projections of doubling the student population by 2030, i.e. 18 years from now. By that time Az­ziz will be long gone and hopefully the name will have been changed to Au­gusta University. By the way, did you notice the photo of the audience in the newspaper did not have one smiling face?


WHEN ARE parents going to take responsibility for the guns in their households? Is it too much to ask that they keep them locked up and not accessible to children?


RANT TO “SAVE THE A.” The only A you saved was “Azziz.”