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GOD BLESS YOU, Henry Oakman, for trying to do the right thing to better your life. It is a shame that people can’t forgive and give someone another chance to prove himself. Keep doing what’s right and God will do for you, and you will have great blessings.


BIGGEST RAVE FOR Lakeside High School. It just goes to show that someone with a disability can still win homecoming queen. Your school should be very proud. I know that her parents and her whole family are. Thank everyone for that.


WITH AUGUSTA STUCK on the end of GRU-Augusta, it makes it very easy to drop “Augusta” one day and add another city name like “Athens” and still have GRU. Think about it!


SOMEONE PLEASE tell Phil Mickelson that it’s OK to blink once in a while. In all his commercials he looks like a deer in the headlights.


THANK YOU FOR a success story, finally, for something other than breast cancer. To be so biased to one “color” is a travesty to all those survivors, including me, of other inoperable or incurable cancers. We deserve a colored paper, too.


TO THE PERSON WHO wants nonsmoking fairs: If you don’t like the smoke, stay home. We have as much right to enjoy these open-air events as you do. By the way, I bet you can sit around the grill all summer breathing charcoal and gas fumes while your children do the same.


RAVES TO MRS. MELINDA Price, of Harlem United Methodist Church. She was our leader during the pumpkin patch. She was wonderful to us. May God bless her and her family.


FOR THE PEOPLE WHO think that Honey Boo Boos only live in the South: I have been up North, and they have plenty of them. They may not call them rednecks, but don’t be fooled.


IT LOOKS LIKE people in New Jersey are braving the storm better than the ones in Louisiana when Katrina came through. Why aren’t they blaming Obama for Sandy like the people in Louisiana blamed Bush?


RANT AGAINST THE juvenile justice system. I can’t believe they allowed those inmates to just walk off the campus and their punishment was days off with pay. Isn’t that like a vacation?


THINGS ARE BAD, but now the whole country has gone to pot.



Tue, 01/23/2018 - 22:00

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