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GHSU PRESIDENT Ricardo Azziz needs to take a cultural sensitivity enlightenment class from either MCG or ASU. He doesn’t understand the South.


I WISH EVERYONE in Augusta would see the long-term objective of the Board of Regents and associated friends. Their goal is to move the entire system to Athens. One of the things that will make it easier is the way the name is structured. If the name has Augusta at the end they will simply drop Augusta and Georgia Regents University will end up being what they have now – mission accomplished! Good try, and thanks for trying Save the A, folks, but they still came out ahead.


A HUGE RAVE to the organizers of the Augusta Photo Festival. Great classes and tips by professional photographers and a great way to network with other hobbyists.


THANKS TO ALL the wonderful folks who worked so hard to Save the A. I would rather have had the University of Augusta, but I can accept and live with Georgia Regents University Augusta. The name change was the right thing to do. God is good all the time.


WHY DO SO many Georgia drivers seem to think the rules do not apply to them? This past week I twice witnessed an ambulance with lights blinking, sirens going and horn blowing attempting to navigate an intersection and at least two vehicles crossed in front of them. These incidents occurred at Wheeler Road and Marks Church and later at Berckmans Road and Washington Road. A huge rave to the Gold Cross drivers for their driving skills in avoiding a collision.


I TRAVEL ATOMIC ROAD frequently. It is extremely horrible to witness deer being ripped open and processed on the main highway in plain sight for all to see. You can’t help but notice it.


GOODWILL OF AUGUSTA is building a chef and hotel management-type school. Maybe they can run the TEE Center? At least they should have a chance to try to run it.



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Rants and raves

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