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THE AZZIZ CON GAME continues. Basically the university name has not changed. Just adding Augusta at the end of GRU is ridiculous especially since it will not be the legal name. Let’s not give up that easily.

HOW STUPID CAN the Regents be? Putting Augusta at the end is nuts. We all know it should be Augusta Georgia Regents University – not University Augusta

MR. OAKMAN, IT is commendable that you wish to do good now to make up for what you had done wrong in your past. But that past is not distant enough for us to be able to go against rules to have some distance and absence after your crimes before you can be around our children. There are other public avenues to go to in order to counsel children.

RANT TO RICHMOND County. What kind of reprimand is a day off with pay?

CONGRATULATIONS to Jessica Giddens for being named the homecoming queen at Lakeside, a very deserving honor. Also, thanks to the students at Lakeside High School for being so supportive of Jessica and her family for the past four years.

THE FIASCO OVER running the Augusta Convention Center continues. The cancellation of two conventions because of the inability of city officials to agree on operating details is beyond belief. The more conventions that are canceled means the more we taxpayers are going to be saddled with the convention center losses.

EMPEROR Z JUST doesn’t get it. Even Georgia Regents University Augusta is unacceptable.

I THINK THE NAME for the new consolidated colleges should be: Augusta Regents Georgia University.

BESIDES THE four-wheelers n Belglade subdivision, we have kids who continuously ruin the paint on the entrance sign, drivers who fly down the streets much faster than the 25 mph limit, and homeowners who park on the curbs, which leads us to practically play chicken with oncoming drivers on our narrow streets. We would like folks to take pride in our neighborhood.

I AM APPALLED by the support that has been shown for the “volunteer of the year” ex-con who is allowed to hang around school because he is not gainfully employed.



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