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I WOULD RATHER have had the University of Augusta, but I can accept and live with Georgia Regents University Augusta. The name change was the right thing to do. God is good all the time.

GEORGIA REGENTS University Augusta name change will not go back to the Board of Regents for a renaming. I smell a trick. Watch out. Don’t trust that Ricardo Azziz guy. He ain’t from around here.

I CANNOT FIND WORDS to thank Christian Brander and all the employees at Kroger on Washington Road for the compassion and care expressed for my son David on his death Sunday. It meant so much to his mother and me.

IT’S STILL A GRUESOME name. So, Augusta is just on the brand and logo? Boo hiss boo.

RANTS TO THE REGENTS. How many millions of dollars was wasted with the name change because of the arrogance of the Board of Regents?

NICK EVANS SOLD US out. He can get on the same plane with Dr. Azziz back to California.

THE ‘CHEERING’ residents of Cherry Tree Crossing don’t even realize they are totally controlled by government.

RANT TO THE Richmond County sheriff’s deputy on duty Saturday night at Red Wing Rollerway. He was too busy on Facebook and watching the Georgia game on TV in the snack bar to do job of making sure the children were safe.

I KNOW PEOPLE IN Cherry Tree housing project need somewhere to go, but please, please, I hope they don’t come to south Augusta. South Augusta is oversaturated now.

SHAME ON YOU, Mr. Evans for giving up! I wasn’t aware that my “Save the A” sign stood for Azziz! I’m really disappointed!

I WOULD LIKE TO thank The Chronicle and all the media that ran the story of my 79-year-old father, Marion Keith Jordan, who was missing. I would like to thank everyone who helped search for him, visited and called with their concern. I would like to thank the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office for the quick response to find him and every law enforcement agency involved with his safe recovery. Special thanks to Investigator Charlene Durrence for her efforts and encouragement when the situation seemed grave. I speak for the Jordan family that we are grateful and appreciate everything that has been done for my father.



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Rants and raves

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Shutdown would hit Augusta hard