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RAVE FOR THE STAFF on the first and fourth floors of the cardiac care unit at University Hospital. They are some of the best nurses I have ever run into. I praise each and every one of you.

I WOULD LIKE TO SAY a word in defense of Lance Armstrong. Maybe he did take drugs, but I think people should also remember the fact that he raised an awful lot of money for charity. So he did do a lot of good.

BIG BIRD IS a one percenter!

THANK YOU, GEORGE from WJBF, for coming back and giving us a good weather report.

THERE IS A LOT OF activity on Peach Orchard Road. It needs a 24/7 restaurant. We will welcome you to south Augusta.

HOW MANY TIMES CAN one student be suspended (twice in two weeks) before the board takes notice that there is something wrong besides “just an unruly child.” Who is in charge down there at the school board?

I JUST MADE A TRIP from North Augusta to Atlanta. I used to think the traffic was the most dangerous part of the drive, but I have to say the tire debris left on the highway by 18-wheelers is the most dangerous.

RANT TO COLUMBIA County for wasting taxpayers’ money on a caution light at William Few Parkway and Chamblin Road. It is useless; it already had a stop sign!

WHY ON GOD’S GREEN earth did the editorial staff of the Chronicle in the Oct. 24 column fail to mention the heroic military service of George McGovern? Apologize to all veterans of any political stripe and move on.

J.D. PAUGH WASN’T THE officer who got killed in the line of duty. It is sad that others who have lost loved ones have to look at this every time they turn the TV on it is something about J.D. Paugh.

I AGREE with the ranters about the loud karaoke at Mi Rancho at the Riverwalk. I paid good money for my condo in River Place, but if I knew I would be subjected to this noise on a nightly basis I would have chosen someplace else.

WHY MAKE A MOVIE about James Brown? They should find something more worthwhile to make a movie about than him.



Mon, 01/22/2018 - 18:23

Rants and raves