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PUT THE BLAME of the economy properly where it is: the senators and House representatives who stall things in Congress, not on our president. Forward, Obama!



ANDERSON IS RIGHT. Ending the Department of Public Education (DoPE) in D.C. and in Atlanta is an excellent idea. Getting the bureaucrats out of my classroom would allow me to teach the students what they need to know.


BARROW MUST BE behind: There seems to be an increase in the number of his false, misleading and negative ads.


THE OBAMA PRESIDENCY can be summed up as: two-plus years of blaming Bush and one-plus year of running for re-election with his only message being an attack on his challengers. Will he ever claim responsibility for anything?


ARE WE VOTING for a tractor or a person for Congress? It’s hard to tell because there’s been no sign of candidate Lee Anderson anywhere.


IF LEE ANDERSON doesn’t have the courage to debate his opponents and speak directly with the media, then why should we expect him to have the courage to fight for us in Washington?


FAST AND FURIOUS, Solyndra, now Benghazi­gate? Hmmm. Where is that ballot?


THANK YOU, President Oba­ma, for your leadership these last four years. I am an old white guy who shares your Christian values and was glad you took the country back.


NOW OBAMA’S regulators are pretending to help us by grabbing more unconstitutional power, namely by writing regs for debt collections – not a federal power granted by the Constitution.


SUPPORTERS OF THE Geor­gia charter schools amendment are both associated with a group that believes in keeping government out of our business, whereas both of those who oppose the amendment are from what amount to labor unions. That should tell you all you need to know.



Sat, 01/20/2018 - 19:51

Rants and raves