Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



I HAD TO LAUGH AT the rant that said “don’t be persuaded by … debates. … (They) can be misleading by the Republicans.” I’d say learn what you can from debates; don’t be misled by either party.


A RANTER KNOCKS Anderson’s refusal to debate Barrow. Most effective work done in Washington is done in meetings or one-on-one; debating is a good show but rarely gets anything worthwhile done.


WE NEED A CANDIDATE of the 12th District who can speak a good mind for a lot of people. Since Lee Anderson does not dare talk anymore in fear of airing more foolishness, we need to get John Barrow on in.


WE NEED TO GET rid of Republicans before they doom America! We need to make sure Obama and his other leaders stay forward another four years!


HAS ANYONE EVER looked into how much Lee Anderson has received in farm subsidies throughout the years?


I CAN’T BELIEVE Obama can blatantly lie to us about Libya without this country rising up in disgust and dismay. A vote for Romney will restore this country’s strength and honor, something we should all want to see rise again.


OBAMA INSULTS BOTH Romney’s and our intelligence with his smarmy comments about our military not needing horses or bayonets. Despite his present job, Obama knows little about the military. Under Obama, our military has used both bayonets and horses in Afghanistan.


ISN’T IT IRONIC that the same Republicans who constantly preach to return decision-making to the local level want to take away decision-making on charter schools from local school boards and make it a state decision?


I DON’T WANT A president who curries the favor of movie stars and Hollywood as I believe Hollywood and California are responsible for the fall of our morals and decency.


THE FACT IS THE MIDDLE EAST is deteriorating, and not in our favor. A direct result of Obama’s apology tour. He can’t blame Bush for that, it happened on his watch.


I THINK THE MODERATOR in the third presidential debate was excellent.


OBAMA HAS BEEN IN over his head and he has been an embarrassment to this country.