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TO THE CHRONICLE, I know you are not going to print my rant, because it seems you are on Lee Anderson’s side. Kudos to Bob and Gwen Fulcher Young about their comment against Lee Anderson.


ANYONE WORKING AND paying taxes planning to vote for Obama, do this first. Look at your next pay stub. Observe the amount that goes to taxes. Now check out the huge number of able-bodied folks on welfare that don’t even try to find a job. Go ahead and vote for the Democrats who encourage this type of behavior.


I KNOW THOSE Columbia County people thought that blacks had spray painted those signs, but those kids fooled you. That goes to show not everyone in Columbia County is a Republican, and do not want things shoved down their throat.


RANT FOR THE person in jail complaining about the conditions. Who do you think created those conditions? You and the others placed in jail should clean up those cells.


THE COVENANTS ARE are there to keep a subdivision neat and protect property values. It’s easy to see which subdivisions have active HOA’s and most residents expect the covenants to be enforced, too.


WHEN A PERSON OR a government is going broke, how does he/it still pay the bills? Easy! Don’t buy so much.


I AGREE WITH Obama’s attempt to redistribute wealth. Let’s start with all the multi-gazillionare movie stars in Hollywood and TV stars such as Oprah and Ellen D. Take 99 percent of their worth and feed the poor.


RANT FOR OUR politicians: Let’s get rid of all these student visas and green cards and send them back to their own countries. Maybe if they had to spend money building schools and colleges, they wouldn’t have enough money to bomb us.


THE FIRST TIME I SAW Lee Anderson speaking in public was at a Patriots Park event around 2003. I was new to the area. I didn’t know who he was. When I saw him and first heard him speak, I said to my wife “Is he drunk?” I don’t think Mr. Anderson will be an effective representative in Washington for us and should stay where is.


GOD, THANK YOU FOR the blue states, and please help the swing states see blue. God help the red states.



Wed, 01/17/2018 - 23:14

Rants and raves