Rants & Raves

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MY WIFE AND CHILD were on their way home from church on Atomic Road when they saw three people gutting and chopping a deer apart. It was extremely traumatic. Does this type of activity need to be done in plain sight of a main highway?

 IT IS TERRIBLE to hear your father and your mother always putting you down, and now they want to kick you out and you have nowhere to go. It is a shame that your mother and father could be so cruel.

 HAS ANYONE besides me figured out that the Board of Education is backing Roundtree for sheriff because they want to get rid of him?

 PLEASE VOTE for a candidate this November who shares your same Christian values and save our country.

 MOVE CHERRY TREE folks beginning next summer? In less than a year? How can you skip on the Hyde Park people who have been waiting so long with their physical ailments due to the pollution and water problems?

 BIG RAVE to Firehouse Subs for the donation of 34 vests for law enforcement!

 THIS IS A RAVE for Matthew, a manager at Best Buy on Robert C. Daniel Parkway. I bought a TV there last month and had to return it and received another of the same brand and had to return that one. Neither worked properly. I called him, and he replaced my TV with a better one that was $40 more than the one I originally purchased. He was so kind and professional in the way he handled the problem. Thanks again, Matthew!

 I STILL STAND BY my suggestion of Big Bird as a write-in candidate. Big Bird forever!

 I AM MARRIED to what used to be a staunch Democrat, but he is no longer because Obama has divided this country more than the Civil War did. We are beginning to be more racial than we have been in the last 40 years thanks to Obama.

 DON’T TEAR DOWN Cher­ry Tree Crossing. Why not move the people out to a better place? Remodel Cherry Tree Cros­sing and turn it into a community where elderly people can live and stay.

 WHY ARE SO MANY county employees driving county vehicles home? Is this a perk of the job? Stop this practice and save on your gas bill.



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