Rants & Raves

I WILL BE SO HAPPY when the elections are over. The “mud-slinging” ads are childish, ignorant and annoying. And if you are a politician who calls my private phone at home to solicit a vote, know that your call guarantees that you will not get my vote.


I THINK I CAN speak for anyone who works in a busy medical or dental office ... Patients need to be on time or arrive a little early for their appointments! Stop getting upset when you are not seen because you are too late. If you are going to be late, just call and reschedule. It creates less stress and drama. I don’t know about other offices, but because of the way we schedule our appointments we rarely or never make patients wait to be seen.

GEORGE BUSH LED THIS country to the brink of disaster. I fear that even though the odds of Romney getting elected are slim, he just might push this great country over the edge this time. I do not trust the man.

THE DOCUMENTARY 2016: Obama’s America is now available at Redbox. If you plan to vote, please take time to view this important film.

AMAZING HOW attention to what’s happening in Libya is the focus for Obama bashers now that employment, housing and job numbers are improving.

I’M 61 AND FINANCIALLY comfortable. I can’t understand why Mitt Romney would want to take on the headaches of this country. My feeling is that he truly cares about what the future of this country will be for his children, grandkids and all Americans in years to come. I say we give him a chance. His four years can’t be any worse than the last four.

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about Congressman John Barrow is that President Obama wants Barrow to win.

IN RECOGNITION OF their past two years, all members of Congress should return their salaries to the U.S. Treasury. No work equals no pay.

I LOST MY CELLPHONE at the Evans Walmart on Oct. 16. Someone turned it in, and I want to thank them very much.

THE WINNER IN A DEBATE is the one who tells the truth, no matter the style, demeanor, whatever. Obama last told the truth one day in 1980 or so. Romney states common sense.



Thu, 01/18/2018 - 22:11

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