Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


ARE THERE ANY “Save the A” postcards around? I know of the bumper stickers and yard signs.

I HAD A VISIT WITH Ronnie Strength about a situation. You talk about professional, helpful and concerned for the residents of Richmond County ... these traits are also a part of Freddie Sanders’ vision ... qualifications speak for themselves ... there is no comparison with Richard Roundtree. Please take the time to vote ... and vote for Sanders.

EDWARD MANER IN his guest column, “Obama is an unfair victim of hatred,” had to bring the race card out when defending Obama. We should be able to disagree with Obama and his record without having the race card being used. Stop instilling hatred to hide what is going on in the country.

ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS should be deported. Anyone who knowingly hires them should be arrested. What part of “illegal” don’t our politicians understand?

YOU TELL US THAT taxpayers are going to be out $887,203 this year in the support of the Augusta Convention Center. Why did we not hear the potential of losses like these before the center was built? Why do we always have to pay for the dreams of others?

RAVE TO The Augusta Chronicle for posting the opinions of Mr. Maner, Mr. Waters and all these people. I especially like the cartoon about the undecided voters.

SO-CALLED environmentalists claim to love natural things. Then they try to stop redwing blackbirds from doing what comes naturally. What natural methods do environmentalists use? Why, flattening vegetation, along with such tools as whistles and noisemakers. Natural? Yeah, sure.

HARVARD LAW SCHOOL grad John Barrow falls into a phony Southern dialect claiming, “Ain’t nobody gonna take ’em (his guns).” You’d think that at Harvard, he would at least have learned not to say “ain’t gonna.”

ED ENOCH SUPPORTED Hardie Davis – which means he’s a Democrat. Why otherwise smart people have his signs in their yards is beyond me.

GOD BLESS MITT Romney. He is a real statesman.

FORGET AL-QAIDA. You’d better watch out for the post office! Five cents more for a stamp? What are they doing with all the money they get now?