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IF LEE ANDERSON IS too shy to debate John Barrow, he will only be a rubber stamp in Congress.


THUMBS UP! ON Oct. 8 my granddaughter and I were in North Augusta when we had a flat tire. Thanks to the good-hearted young man who stopped and changed it. Thank you, Daniel. Keep up the good work, and God bless you and your family always.


A SAD DAY FOR people who want to live in a neighborhood with rules. So why do we bother when our homeowner association lets us down?


WHY ARE ALL columnists posted in this paper conservative? I have always thought that the newspapers should be unbiased and print viewpoints from all sides. What ever happened to Eugene Robinson’s column? When I go out of town I am so glad to see there are other papers that are not as one-sided as this one.


SPORTS FIGURES AND celebrities on some pedestal really is the wrong way to go about in life. They are being paid humongous millions of dollars over the ordinary heroes such as firefighters and military and police officers and teachers. We need to reverse the trend enough so that things are more fair.


BILL KIRBY, THANKS for the postcard news! Say, did you know that Augusta State University cards are now 30 percent off? Get ’em while you can!


PEOPLE ARE (rightly) fighting the merged university’s new name; but more important is to fight the fact of the merging. The two schools are not akin to each other and should never be merged. The only reason they have been is to concentrate political power in fewer hands.


THE REAL WAR ON women – the really real one – is being waged by Muslims. Obama bows to Muslims. So who’s attacking women? Obama.


RANT TO THE CITY OF Harlem. The city needs new management, chief of police, mayor and city administrator. Someone with a backbone and who is honest.


HOORAY FOR LITTLE pink houses. John Mellencamp is smiling.


I’M A MECHANIC, so I’m as qualified to be a surgeon as a farmer is to be a congressman.



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