Rants & Raves

IF THE CITY NEEDS to raise money, send some cops to any elementary school car pick-up line. Toddlers and babies on laps, children not in cars seats or even seat belts, and too many people in a vehicle. Of course, this is probably all the teacher’s fault and we will be held responsible and asked to give a weekly test to someone about car safety. Never mind.


ANOTHER RANT for Mi Rancho’s downtown and outdoor karaoke. It is fun when you are there, but living within two blocks of there and having to close your windows in the evening just to listen to TV should not happen. Continue enjoying, but just turn it down so the rest of the downtown area can appreciate other things.

IT IS A FACT that the majority of the Founding Fathers of this country were ministers or farmers. What a shame that Sylvia Cooper and Gwen Young think that a farmer is no longer worthy to represent the citizens of this country because he is not a slick talker! Maybe they should take a long look at where the No. 1 Big Talker has gotten us in the last four years.

INSIGNIFICANT, BUT wondering: the brave space jumper is identified as a “former Austrian paratrooper.” Does that mean he is a former Austrian, a former paratrooper or both?

SINCE MODERN politicians always set things up to give them more power over citizens, the odds are no matter how we vote on the charter school amendment, we’ll still end up losing. Confu­sion is always the first method of politicians. Maybe, just as an experiment and since we already know how they’ve killed our public schools, we should vote against the amendment just to see how they’ll twist up that result.

A RANTER ERRS in saying morning show hosts “disrespect the president just because he is black.” Sadly, with such marvelous black people who would make a good president, e.g., Alan Keyes, Mia Love or Allen West, Obama ended up stalling getting another black into the White House for decades to come. Obama has hurt the very group he claims to support.

I HAVE KNOWN Lucien Williams for many years and I would highly recommend him for the Rich­mond County Board of Education District 1 opening. His solid background in the financial area would make him well suited to tackle the money issues. Overall, he would add a new perspective on the many issues confronting the board.