Rants & Raves

I HAVE BEEN TOLD by Augusta State University employees that they are “strongly discouraged” from placing “Save the A” signs in their yards. This is just wrong. Dr. Azziz had them in HIS yard!



I WOULD LIKE TO let the community know of the excellent treatment from Bobby Jones Ford during a recent recall of my vehicle. Mr. Corey Tillman was more than helpful explaining the situation to me and was not about luring into other services. Thanks.


A SHAME THE county would put “crush & run” on the corner of Old Waynesboro Road and Brown Road to fill in holes. I guess that is why we get such a bad name on the southside ‘cause we get the cheapest of everything. Why couldn’t it have been asphalted like everywhere else? Now we have rocks dinging up our vehicles thanks to someone’s bright idea.


RANTS AND DOUBLE RANTS. We don’t need Obama another four years. As for Biden, he comes off like a pompous donkey with his laughing and smirking.


A FLASHING RED/YELLOW caution light being installed at Chamblin Road and William Few Parkway in Columbia County is useless. What is needed is a regular traffic signal. And they are also needed at William Few and Lewiston Road.


TO THE LADY AT the Evans football game, you are a class act. Thank you for crushing a young man’s confidence. We really need more like you.


I WOULD LIKE TO rave about the great care I received from the University Hospital and the wonderful help that Debbie Heffernan gave me at a really difficult time in my life. She made my life so much better and is one of the best.


GEORGIA REGENTS U. plans to grow by 2020 and has a “five-year plan” to prove it. Standard Karl Marx stuff.


RAVE FOR THE employees of the Vital Statistics at the Board of Health. They are a credit to their profession and go out of their way to help. Many thanks.