Rants & Raves

TO THE HEARTLESS INDIVIDUAL who dumped the three bunnies off on Washington Road behind a business: Two of the bunnies are in the process of finding their forever homes. The littlest baby is dead. It did not make it. You should be ashamed for letting them go by the road like that.



I AM NOW GLAD I DIDN’T go to the Border Bash after reading that Austin Rhodes was the MC and promoting his own personal agenda, as usual, at the wrong place and the wrong time.


ANOTHER BORDER PATROL agent shot. After more lies, Obama’s latest excuse is that he was killed by one of his patrolman buddies. This just sounds like another lie, e.g., manipulation of job stats, just before the election.


SAME PAPER, SAME DAY, same page, two stories about “gay” people getting more power: “gay characters at record high on network TV” and a Good Morning, America weatherman will “marry … his boyfriend.” America keeps sinking in sin.


RIVER GLEN APARTMENTS SOUND like a good place not to live. They say they are hearing fewer gunshots. Any gunshot is unacceptable.


A RANTER SAYS Obama “deserves” another term, then blames Obama’s destructive four years on Bush, four years out of office. What is blinding these people? Obama is killing their freedom, too?


STOP CALLING THEM “Bush Tax Cuts.” For 10 years it’s been the tax code. Call them what they are. Beginning Jan.1, they will be the “Obama Tax Increases.”


RANTS TO THE RICHMOND sheriff’s department. I have seen very few patrol cars equipped with radar. With the way people in this county can’t drive, every unit should have radar.


RANTS TO THE construction department at Augusta Comcast. The people on Goolsby Road have been trying to get Comcast to run ¼ mile of cable for years. There are approximately 30 homes on the road. After years of trying to get cable run, Comcast now says it will not run line unless there are 68 or more homes. Comcast offices in other areas will run cable for fewer homes.


I WISH I COULD have a total disregard for the truth, like the Democrats.



Fri, 11/17/2017 - 23:34

Two arrested in Burke County drug bust