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RANT TO THE DRIVER who ran out of gas in the westbound lane of Bobby Jones near mile marker 12 and did not pull off the road, but merely turned on the flashers in the passing lane during rush-hour traffic between 5 and 6 on Wednesday. You didn’t think to pull off the road while you were still coasting, did you?


RANT AGAINST THE whole Augusta area. Gregg Allman played here, and I doubt there were 2,000 people there. They should quit jumping on the people who run the coliseum and blame the people of Augusta. I was embarrassed for Gregg Allman. If you want good acts in town, you have to support them.


A RAVE FOR ALL THE physicians who generously donate their time and services to Project Access.


I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT in south Augusta the U.S. Postal Service cannot deliver the mail around the same time.


I HAD THE MISFORTUNE of being put in the Richmond County jail at 401 Walton Way. The dog pound is cleaner than the jail’s holding cells. Richmond County should be completely ashamed for putting people in filthy situations like this. The people in the jail are real nice and try to get you out of there as quickly as possible, but the place is filthy.


WATCH THE MONEY in the coming years: $50 million in construction was approved for Athens’ medical school, while only $20 million was approved for Augusta’s. The Board of Regents will give the majority of the money to Athens for about 10 years and then announce the medical college is moving. Be forewarned. We don’t want to get stuck with only the smaller schools. We have no political clout in Atlanta. Pay attention.


A RANTER SAID only those paying taxes should be able to vote; all others are parasites. What taxes would qualify? Property? Income? Sales? Gasoline? Poll?


PLEASE BRING BACK Cul de Sac to the comics page. Stone Soup is stupid. So is Lio.



Fri, 01/19/2018 - 11:18

Aiken man killed in traffic accident