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WHAT KIND OF SHERIFF will Roundtree be? Peacemaker or appease-maker, as many of his constituents want? Maybe. Fair and unbiased law enforcement would be just fine.


I THINK IT IS GREAT so many people have come together for the “Save the A” cause, but wouldn’t it be even greater if that many Augustans would unite and actively work to clean up and revitalize Augusta and get rid of the crime so people are not afraid to walk Broad Street and riverwalk at night?


RANT TO ANY VOTER who uses religion to vote and not consider all the issues. The U.S. is not the Kingdom of God. Christ has no political affiliation.


RANT AGAINST the very tired, rude lady in Food Lion who saw me still putting my groceries onto the belt and began to throw (I mean throw) hers on it, too, getting mixed up with mine. I had to stop, separate mine from hers and still empty my cart. As I walked off, I heard her complain about my being too slow, because she had worked all day and was tired and wanted to get home. Heads up, cashiers. I will go even slower to make sure I pay only for my products.


PRESIDENT HARRIS Pastides of the Univer­sity of South Carolina gets a pay raise to $724,000 a year. There’s no way that job requires such exorbitant pay. Just more political nonsense.


WHY ON EARTH DID Diane Sawyer not ask President Obama any questions about the Libyan Embassy debacle? The hearings were going on the same day and she still didn’t ask him about it. Surely that is important to the electorate.


REPUBLICANS NEED to vote against Nathan Deal for governor in the next election. He is responsible for the Board of Regents, and he is the driving force to move the medical college to Athens. A Democrat might commit to saving the A and keeping the medical college in Augusta. It will be worth it to have a Democrat governor if we can get those things accomplished.


IT SEEMS TO ME liberal millionaires and billionaires should stop saying they would gladly give more in taxes. Nobody is stopping them.


BIG BIRD GETS my vote as a write-in candidate for president.



Sat, 01/20/2018 - 19:51

Rants and raves