Rants & Raves

SAVE THE A: Not the Z.


A HUGE RANT to Michelle Obama’s new lunch plan. As a growing teenager in high school, I believe that we should get a nice, substantial meal. But now, the lunches are getting smaller and smaller. First off, the desserts are gone. Secondly, it is around $2 for one entree and about two sides. Most days, I eat three times that, and so do my friends. I’m not sure if the lunch lady has mistaken, but I am pretty sure today at lunch I spent $12.50 for two sorry pizzas, spaghetti that tastes genetically engineered and some actually pretty decent beans. They need to step it up at the White House. I pray Romney wins this election.

RAVE FOR THE Demo­crats. From day one of Obama’s entering the White House, the number of times he blamed the Republican Party and President Bush, consider this: If all these negatives were combined in one printing, every page of The Chronicle for at least nine weeks would be based on one belief, someone else is at fault, not the regime presently unaware of the failed Obama leadership.

CAN’T BELIEVE that Marion Williams would have the gall to not only run again, but to skewer what he had done in his disastrous years of pulling down not only the commission meetings, but also my beloved District 2! Harold Jones had been an admirable and capable solicitor, so we need for him to take over District 9.

AFTER WATCHING the debate with Joe Biden and Paul Ryan, I sure hope that nothing happens to Obama because it would be scary to have Biden as president!

HAS A SINGLE terrorist been tried or convicted in a military tribunal under our present commander-in-chief?

JOHN BARROW, Inde­pendent. Now that’s funny.

RAVES TO Ms. Cassan­dra, a cashier at the Har­lem IGA store. She is very nice and polite and cares about the customers. She deserves some compliments.

I COMPLETELY AGREE with Gwen Fulcher Young about Lee Anderson and Honey Boo Boo.

THE MONEY that should be going to our bad roads is going to all those pay raises they got in the Engineering Department.

SHAME ON Georgia Power for marching through a cemetery. Nothing but greed, greed, greed. There has to be a better way.