Rants & Raves

SELF-CONFESSED serial killer Reinaldo Rivera was sentenced to death in 2004, so why is it taking all this time to make it happen? The appeal process is just getting out of hand and delaying matters forever. Sorry, but I think it’s time to pull the switch.


BURKE COUNTY Board of Education, you have a lice problem. This is a public health hazard and needs to be dealt with.

TO THE PERSON who complained about tougher requirements for a driver’s license: They are the result of the federal government intruding on local authority because of national security.

THE ONLY DIFFERENCE between Democrats and Communists is that the Democrats don’t use firing squads. Yet.

I HATE IT WHEN people blame President Obama for his awful debate performance the other night when we all know deep down that it was Bush’s fault.

IT’S PUMPKIN TIME. Let’s eat more of it and try out the vegetarian dishes in honor of Vegetarian Month.

I WISH WFXG would get its act together. Two weeks straight now, their station is troubled during the Monday night broadcasts of the new Bones episodes. That is really ticking me off.

RANTS TO ALL THE people who put Chipper Jones on a pedestal. All he did was play ball. I was a construction worker for 30 years. I am 52 years old, and I cannot find a job. I built you your houses, your offices and you put him on a pedestal. And you wonder why we can’t solve the problems in this country.

RANT TO THE MOTHER at the Evans track behind the Columbia County library who leaves her first-grade child at the park playing. Do you know someone could snatch your precious little child? Mothers, please supervise your children. They are God’s gift.

I WOULD LIKE TO ASK all the people who voted for Scott Peebles to vote for Freddie Sanders in the upcoming election.

WE LOST ANOTHER icon when Andy Williams passed away. It seems like every year we lose another one. I am glad I lived in an era where real music and real entertainment was found.

WHY CAN’T CHURCHES pay taxes on all these million-dollar buildings they have? Most of these big churches around here, nothing but rich people go to them anyway.