Rants & Raves

AS BAD AS DR. Ricardo Azziz is, he is not the real problem. It is the Board of Regents appointed by our Republican governor, and I actually voted for him. Put pressure where it will do some good. Let Deal know he won’t get your vote unless he listens to us.



THANK YOU, Pastor Rich Bowen of New Hope Worship Center in Grovetown, for your message “A Message for America.” This message should be heard by all of the American people.


I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW why Child Recovery doesn’t check around and get some of these deadbeat dads who have kids by women, going on Medicaid having them free, and then buying everything they want and doing everything they want to do. Taxpayers are getting tired of it.


I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW why there is a school zone on East Buena Vista in North Augusta when the nearest school is more than a block away?


WE NEED TO HAVE left- and right-turn signals from Washington Road onto Beverly Heights Drive.


THE WOMAN WITH THE pink playhouse signed a contract stating she would abide by the laws of the association. Then she broke her word, and she broke the contract. She has to live by the law.


THIS HONEY BOO BOO program is an absolute disgrace. If you are trying to get children to reduce their weight, it is not helping. It is disgusting.


AZZIZ HAS GOT TO go. How many more e-mails and opinions do you need? He has overstayed his welcome in our community.


AZZIZ IS NOT holding forums to answer questions. He is holding forums to ridicule and dismiss our concerns. He’s holding forums in an attempt to force Augusta to accept his choice of names for our universities.


U.S. REP. JOHN Barrow is an independent? Since when? Stop the charade, John, you are a Democrat – through and through.


RANT FOR ALL THE 20-year-olds who still live with their parents and don’t work and don’t pay the bills and don’t help around the house stay up all night long and play video games and sleep all day long. Get a life.


PLEASE HAVE THE speed limit on Lewiston Road reduced to 45 mph.


THE PINK PAPER WAS very hard to read. Please stop making it pink.



Wed, 01/17/2018 - 23:14

Rants and raves