Rants & Raves

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HUGE RAVE TO Rick from the utilities department for not only informing me of a problem with my sewer line but also in the friendly, professional manner in which he took care of the problem. Hooray for Rick!

WHY IS IT THAT elected officials at all levels these days seem to avoid common sense? To have a goal to push failing eighth-graders into ninth is absurd. Kids mature at different times. A kid who’s held back a grade has a better chance of really doing well by repeating a grade.

PEOPLE WHO FUSS at our president for making apologies for something that goes wrong are too primeval to understand world diplomacy or the basic decency of human respect for others.

YAY FOR ‘SAVE THE A.’ I’m so glad there is a way to move forward to make an impact besides seeming to talk to empty air around Dr. Ricardo Azziz and the Board of Regents. Yes, we must save our university from a GRUsome fate. Let GRU rest in peace before Halloween.

ROMNEY BASHED OUR biggest ally in England by wrongfully criticizing their Olympic setup, before Romney’s fancy pony even trotted there. Think what wars he can dump us into, like Bush had done.

FOR THE TRULY nonviolent and nonthieving offenders, if you don’t want to lock them up, please put them to work mowing lawns, tearing down weeds and other stuff around abandoned properties. Let’s get some work out of them.

RANT THAT OUR commissioners are considering adding additional property taxes disguised as a rain tax. I just received my property tax bill, and it is shocking at the amount of property tax.

BLAME YOUR GAS prices on the rich owners of the gas and oil companies and the presidential pal, Bush. Obama is thankfully a president of all of the people where the majority are not the millionaires who hold on to their tax-owed monies.

THE TERRORISTS who were held at Gitmo have proved over and over that they really are terrorists, yet Obama wants to not punish them, but to let them go to kill us again.

THANK GOODNESS FOR Obama! We are now rid of Osama. We have true allies who work with us in Syria so that America did not have to do the main cowboying in foreign wars. We need four more years of Obama.


Thu, 08/17/2017 - 23:54

Rants and raves