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HUGE RANT TO voters who do not know the issues before voting. The presidential debates will help you relate to the two men running for presidency. Vote for the person who will give you an America that you will be proud of. Do your homework, do not limit yourself to just one TV channel for your news, and vote smart. America depends on your vote.

IT’S CALLED THE AUGUSTA CHRONICLE, but when you look in the sports pages through the week, all you see are Columbia County teams and featured athletes. The only way a Richmond County school team gets a mention is if they happened to play a Columbia County school! Don’t be so biased with your coverage, Chronicle!

CORWIN AND HODSON, thumbs up to you both for your fine article about the top-heavy MCG people over ASU for New U. Too bad you don’t get press releases on some staff and faculty shifts that are too quietly taking place. Look very carefully at the listings of department chairs and makeup of the departments now compared to the listing earlier this year. Look who’s already out at ASU.

THE GEORGIA LABOR Department announced that “Georgia’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 9.2 percent in August.” How can anybody knowing this vote for Obama? Surely Georgians are too smart to fall for that guy again.

WHY IS THE United States never mentioned in Biblical prophecy? Consider that we are now sinking fast into oblivion. Maybe that’s why the U.S. is not mentioned. Maybe the U.S. won’t exist when Jesus returns.

OBAMA WANTS TO GIVE $450 MILLION in cash to Egypt. Hillary wants $45 million for the Syrian “rebels.” Meanwhile, back in the US of A we can’t repair our broken roads and bridges.

HOW DO I KNOW that I am a Richmond County teacher? My paycheck gets smaller every year.

I THINK WAYNE FRAZIER is setting himself and RCBOE up for numerous lawsuits. My local GAE and PAGE will do nothing to protect my job. Wayne, you have overstepped your boundaries.

WHY DON’T ALL voters who believe in God vote Republican? Democrats believe in partial-birth abortion, which is the taking of an innocent life.



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