Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


RAVE FOR MARCUS TAYLOR for stepping in and helping the lady who was kidnapped with her baby and doing the right thing by holding the accused while the police were on their way. Kudos to him for not being afraid to step up. God bless you.

I AGREE ABOUT THE roads in downtown Augus­ta. At least once a year I have to get an alignment. These roads are way overdue. Broad Street is the worst. Where is our money going?

ELLIOTT BOULEVARD in south Augusta used to be a very nice, quiet street and we enjoyed it, but it is not that way anymore. Crime and noise at all hours of the night have made it intolerable. But I remember when it was a nice quiet street to live on. Sad.

COME ON, CSRA, show that you love your country and fly your colors. Fly your flag and show our soldiers that you care for what they have done for us. We love America. Fly your flag.

I AM SICK AND TIRED of hearing about what all the people in Hyde Park deserve to have. They deserve to have what they get out and work for and are able to provide for themselves and their families. I’m sick of all this free giveaway stuff.

OBAMA HAS KEPT interest rates so low, at one half of one percentage point, that retirees have no income from their savings while inflation has almost doubled the price on everything you buy. He should not get a single vote from retirees.

I WANT TO THANK the group that is trying to keep Augusta in the new university name. I wish them good luck.

RAVE FOR THE Just Give Me Jesus revival team. Thank you so much for bringing that revival to Au­gusta, and God bless each and every one of you.