Rants & Raves



THIS IS A RANT to all the parents who give their kids cruel, strange names. There are numerous examples of names given by cruel parents. How in the world does a kid grow up to be normal, saddled with a terrible name?


I CAN’T BELIEVE a S.C. sheriff is so foolish as to raise funds by letting someone Taser him based on the amount! Does he have a full physical that can confirm that he can withstand Taser blasts of extended length if people are dumb enough to donate the higher amounts?


OBAMA HAS BEEN a total failure as a leader in the office of the presidency, foreign policy, economy, jobs, reducing deficit and whatever else. Yet with all these negatives, Obama is still ahead of Mitt Romney in the polls. How is this possible?


WHAT WAS THE recent “act” at the James Brown Arena that had a near capacity crowd in attendance? Was it the latest musical group? No. Some popular rap singer? No. Proud to say it was the Just Give Me Jesus revival led by Anne Graham Lotz, who is the daughter of evangelist Billy Graham. An event like this brings a positive effect and a closeness to God. So many are desperate for this in their lives and especially with the negative conditions of this world.


IS THERE AN address where we can donate to Regent University in Virginia to help them in their suit against Emperor Z and the Georgia Board of Regents?


HOW ANYBODY CAN think Obama is taking this country to greatness is way beyond me!


IF OBAMA CAN take credit for taking out Osama why won’t he take responsibility for the murder of our ambassador and the other people savagely murdered in Libya?


I WONDER HOW many people in this small community would like to know their preacher is nothing but a hypocrite. He is a liar and he cusses and his wife is a drunk.


LET’S SEE NOW, Azziz, whom the Regents brought in to do their dirty work, has absolutely failed. Morale at both institutions is at an all-time low. It ain’t working, folks, and it never will.


TODAY’S REPUBLICAN PARTY is the party of the rich. Since there aren’t enough “rich votes” to win elections, the party focuses on the social issues to capture the votes needed to win. Such votes are based on fear and ignorance, not principles that relate to the common good.


Tue, 09/19/2017 - 22:57

Rants and raves