Rants & Raves



WHY ARE THERE NO traffic officers at the intersection of Five Notch Road and Pisgah Road in North Augusta? Many people are using the Four Seasons Gas Station parking lot for a traffic shortcut instead of observing the legal detour signs. This is a traffic fine bonanza for, especially, the North Augusta Department of Public Safety.


PRESIDENT OBAMA deserves four more years to further clean up the mess he got from eight years’ worth of Bush and his fellow millionaires.


YAY FOR ‘SAVE THE A.’ I can hardly wait for the change of name.


REP. JOHN BARROW is nothing but a district flip-flopper; he flips from district to district just to save his own job, not yours.


WOODY MERRY, THE problem with Hyde Park is more than flooding; it also involved contamination. Maybe that’s why the Augusta Commission would not answer your attempts at contacts. After 24 years, the city needs to move those people and pay them for those homes in the contaminated areas. Leaving people there in those conditions is not an ethical or moral option. Other than that unusable idea, welcome back, Woody.


I’M SORRY JOE BOWLES has to leave as one of the most fiscally responsible Augusta Commission members. But I look forward to his getting to get back in no matter what capacity.


IT’S TOO BAD parents do not enforce school attendance. They take for granted this free and valuable education. When I was first old enough to go to school in the 1960s, unfortunately I was told that I was not the right color to be able to learn things. This was after a 10-year delay honoring the law that ruled in 1954 that children of color could attend schools. Now balance today’s kids with today’s adults who so regret that getting that high school diploma where the funding just got cut for it.


GOODBYE AND GOOD luck, LaTina Emerson! I have really appreciated so much the savings I could take advantage of that you publicized. I hope your new job will appreciate your work.


SO, MITT ROMNEY thought he was doing us a favor by not declaring all of his $4 million-plus of charity donations? That only helps to make up some for his putting his money in foreign countries to skip paying American taxes.