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POLITICS CAN BE a lot like driving. Push “R” for backward or “D” for forward.


AUGUSTA STATE University called to ask me to give them money because I am an alum. I can promise you this, until this GRU thing is gone, preferably taking Azziz with it, I will not contribute even 1 cent to that school. I hope everyone else stands up and does the same.


RAVE TO THE staff at Dr. Thielkes’ office who helped me when my battery died.


EVERY TIME THAT I submitted a rant against Lee Anderson, The Chronicle did not print it. Lee Anderson is no more a politician than I am.


SINCE EVERYONE involved in the selection of the “Georgia Regents” name knew ahead of time that they would probably be facing a lawsuit if this was selected, I assume that the Board of Regents, Dr. Azziz and everyone else involved in this selection, which, by the way, the majority of people in Augusta and surrounding areas did not want, will pay all expenses for this lawsuit, not the taxpayers in Augusta.


HERE IS A RANT to those who still want to fight about the new name for GHSU. Get over it. Yes, Augusta is known nationally, but except for golf not always in the most positive light. GHSU is bigger and hopefully better than Augusta. Let’s move forward.


I WOULD LIKE TO GIVE a big rave to Russ Boyd and his wife for coming to the rescue of three women after the Just Give Me Jesus event. They went out of their way to fix our flat tire and make sure we were able to drive home.


THE DEMOCRATS MUST really be embarrassed every time Romney releases his tax records. Romney gave $4 million to charities last year. Joe Biden gave $350. One year, Bill Clinton deducted underwear that he had donated to Goodwill. Democrats love to be charitable with other people’s money, but not their own.


A RANT REGARDING the new gate hours at Fort Gordon Gate 5. There are many soldiers and retirees living outside Gate 5 who might need to utilize the post hospital during the night. To travel downtown would be too time-consuming during a true emergency, and traveling around to Gate 1 would also be time-consuming.



Sat, 11/18/2017 - 21:23

Rants and raves