Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



SOME SAY IT IS only a name and tell us to move on. But imagine if the South Carolina Board of Regents decided to rename Clemson University as South Carolina Regents University? Or Auburn was renamed Alabama Regents University? As a graduate of Augusta College, I feel I have lost all connection to my school.


BIG RANT FOR The Chronicle. You failed to recognize Augusta Christian as being No. 2 in the S.C. Independent High School rankings, but you mentioned all of the other schools in the area. The Augusta Christian football team is one of the strongest teams in the area. Please give them more coverage.


I WANT TO THANK the two young ladies at the Murphy gas station in the Grovetown Walmart who assisted an older lady who had a reaction to a new medication. They drove me home in my own car, and I really appreciate their concern and their care.


RANT FOR Ricardo Azziz. The citizens of Augusta do not want you here in our fair city. We hear Florida is lovely this time of year. Go.


RANTS TO THE driver for Columbia County transit who has his radio up so loud in the morning. That’s not good for the customers. He doesn’t need to push Rush Limbaugh on people. Old people don’t want to hear that.


IT IS WRONG for rich people to have contempt for poor people, but it is perfectly fine for poor people to have contempt for rich people?


TO THE PERSON WHO complained about the Georgia Power bill. I have Jefferson Electric, and I would give anything to trade places with them.


SINCE WHEN DO Richmond County and Columbia County police officers not have to do the speed limit? Lately around town in both counties where the speed limit is clearly marked I’ve seen those Columbia and Richmond County police officers doing at least 10-15 miles over the limit.


WHERE ON EARTH ARE those people getting those American flags to burn? Jay Leno had this right as a question: Maybe the flags were made in China.


ONCE IT BECOMES Georgia Regents University, the only top administrator who was not previously part of MCG will be the athletic director because at Azziz’s current university there was no need for an athletic director.