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IT HAPPENED LIKE MAYOR AZZIZ said it would: Things dying down now. Even the media are referring to GRU university. I think Deke needs to resign so Azziz can finish all the downgrading of Augusta he has started.

ALL REPUBLICANS who are in favor of Mitt Rom­ney: How many times is he going to put his foot in his mouth? If this man can’t even speak well, how on earth can he run the country?

DR. AZZIZ, CAN YOU believe it? Clint Eastwood mentioned “Augusta” on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Ellen didn’t even have to ask “Augusta, where?”

HUGE RAVE TO Romney for saying the truth about 47 percent of the people not paying taxes.

THE QUESTION SHOULD NOT be “Are we better off now than four years ago?” The question should be: Are we better off now than we were $16 trillion ago?

I JUST GOT A CALL about voting in Novem­ber. Neither one of those guys is worth leading our country. I am not voting for either one of them because they do not need to be the head of the United States of America.

RANT AGAINST Geor­gia Bulldog fans. I am a Texan, myself, even though I went to Car­o­lina. Do they realize that their fight song is John Brown’s Body? I am a dyed-in-the-wool Sou­therner, and that is not a Southern song. Don’t they know that or do they teach history in Georgia?

HAPPY TO HEAR THAT the speed limit on Hereford Farm Road was reduced to 45 mph. I am sure it will save lives. Now please do the same for Furys Ferry Road.

GOV. ROMNEY HAS become a disgrace to the Republican Party. He is unfit to be president of the United States.

A 12-YEAR-OLD ASKED me a question that I could not answer. He wanted to know why we were sending money, supplies and soldiers to countries that are burning our flags and killing our people.

WITH THE AUGUSTA JUDICIAL Circuit being majority black, how can the eight Superior Court judges defend not appointing at least one black Juvenile Court judge? Something smells.

WHAT AUGUSTA needs to do is completely shut down The Patch and let the airport expand.



Wed, 12/13/2017 - 21:44

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