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GAS PRICES ARE going up, again. Did Obama forget to apologize to someone?


I HEARD ON THE RADIO that Augusta ranks sixth in people being obese. I think that is atrocious. There are things people can do if their health permits. They can form a walk group and eat a little bit healthier. Let’s see if Augusta can do better with their health problems. Get out there and exercise if you can, and bring that weight down.


I JUST SAW HILLARY CLINTON on TV apologizing to those people who killed our people in Libya. Why should we apologize to them for anything we do in America? Be a man. Stand up. Protect what’s right.


IT IS A SHAME the man who tried to jump on a moving bread truck after stabbing his wife can’t be charged with stupidity.


I JUST HEARD on the news that we give Egypt $2 billion a year in aid. I would like some answers on this issue.


BETTER WAY TO TELL if someone is a Democrat: They sign their checks on the back and not on the front.


WE CAN THANK the mainstream media for helping to deflect criticism of Barack Hussein Obama’s ill preparedness for the 9/11 incident. Blame it instead on some “right wing” inflammatory video that’s been around for a year that nobody knew about. Now the whole Muslim world’s looking at it and who knows when the violence against Americans will stop. Thank God that a true American, something the MSM hates, is a candidate for Barack’s job, our worst president ever.


I WAS ENCOURAGED to see Kyle Martin’s piece on Wheel Movement’s work for bike safety. It’s a start. Last Thursday morning around 10 a.m. on 13th Street, my wife and I saw a young woman bicyclist run three red lights consecutively after only quick glances at the side streets. Very dangerous. Had I been a policeman, she’d have received a stern warning, if not a ticket. Maybe she was late for class.


AMAZING BILL CLINTON is back on TV supporting Obama, and he is back to his lying ways. It was the Republican-controlled Congress that gave us prosperity during the time Clinton was holding us hostage. Conversely, it was the Democrat-controlled Congress during President Bush’s last two years that put us in the mess we are in now.



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Rants and raves

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Shutdown would hit Augusta hard