Rants & Raves

MORE AMERICAN SERVICEMEN killed by our “allies.” Lyndon Baines Obama keeps wasting our troops and treasure in that rat hole. Bring the troops home, no more aid, enforce our borders. America First!



SINCE THE COURTS won’t permit the execution of drunk drivers who kill, the next-best sentence is for them to stay in jail as long as their victims remain dead.


PRESIDENT OBAMA DID NOT have time to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu but he had plenty of time to meet with Dave Letterman. What a lot of baloney! Now is not the time to ignore our Israeli friends.


PLEASE CONTINUE WITH the business profiles that you show each Monday on the back page of the Metro section. These are very informative and expose us to businesses that we would not normally know about.


DON’T YOU JUST love those peaceful, radical Muslims?


PEOPLE ARE BAD enough drivers without Mercedes putting small-screen computers in cars. Has the world gone crazy? The car companies need to get a grip.


ALL THESE YEARS and all that money; why is the Augusta Corporate Park still empty and unused? Did we really need it? Who made money off that white elephant?


I HAVE STOPPED shopping where employees have rings in their noses, flat washers and bolts in their ears, and screws in their eyebrows. It’s not sanitary. Were you listening, store owners?


THE LIBYANS MESSED with Reagan and he lobbed some missiles their way. Bush whooped up on Saddam. Obama apologizes. It ain’t right! Do we really need four more years of this?


IF SCOTT PEEBLES was a black man, he definitely would be our next sheriff. It’s a total disgrace to our city that race plays a role instead of who is really qualified for the position.


EVERY LITTLE GIRL deserves a pink playhouse! Now we have Scrooges who don’t want them to enjoy childhood. Just stop!


THE CHRONICLE CITED a report that President Obama only attends his intelligence briefing about 40 percent of the time. Does that outrage anyone besides me? The No. 1 responsibility of the federal government is the protection of our country and the safety of its citizens.



Mon, 01/15/2018 - 19:32

Rants and raves

Mon, 01/15/2018 - 19:32

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