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WHY DOES EVERYTHING have to look the same? What about individuality? I could see if things in a yard were an eyesore, but Becky Rogers-Peck’s playhouse looks fine to me. I’m glad she stood up for herself, even if it is to no avail.


GIVEN THE ISLAMIC response to a 15-minute movie that makes Muhammad look bad, imagine what would have happened if the Quran had been treated the way the Book of Mormon was treated in the Broadway play of the same name. That play is not only anti-Mormon, it is racist. Why hasn’t the president taken a stand against this type of intolerance? Oh, wait, it’s not bad if a liberal does it.


WHAT DO OBAMA’S national security briefer and Clint Eastwood have in common? They both talk to an empty chair Obama should be occupying!


A GUEST COLUMNIST called President Obama the antithesis of the America he has known. Thank goodness! For many minorities, the America you have known needed and still needs to progress beyond this blind hatred and demagoguery that is being openly displayed.


RAVE FOR THE VA Medical Center and Arts in the Heart. My wife and I are retired military and we go to many local events. We have seen a guy who must work 24/7 and holidays using care and respect helping blind veterans. If more therapists were like him, my rehab after Vietnam would have been on a fast track. Keep up the good work.


I WONDER IF MANY of the local posters to the opinion section actually practice Christianity or just use it as a title. There are a multitude of hateful comments posted, but there is often a reference to Christianity in the writings.


ONE OF THE NICE THINGS about radio is being able to change the station when those lying testimonials come on.



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Two arrested in Burke County drug bust