Rants & Raves



CITY STREETS ARE in the worse shape in 50 years. They ripple, they dip, they crumble. Worse, city employees dig many holes, put steel plates over them, and go off and leave them so long that asphalt crumbles in front of the plates. This is long-term poor supervision of an essential service. Further, do not tell folks a fairy tale about old pipes needing replacement and suggest an outrageous new tax.


WHAT IF THE REGENTS named our colleges UGAu? The Athens campus would maintain UGA, and we’d be golden.


A RAVE FOR THE pain management staff at Trinity Hospital. What a great bunch of people from registration, the procedure staff and the discharge staff. Thanks for the attention and great service.


OK, THAT’S ENOUGH! The school will change its name, Peebles lost the election and President Obama will get re-elected in November.


I AM A SENIOR citizen who depended on income from CDs to make ends meet. Now that the CD interest rate is next to nothing, this extra income is all but gone. I wonder whether President Obama has a program to compensate us for those lousy CD rates?


ONCE AGAIN THE Augusta Commission members show that they do not know what they are doing. Of course the numbers at the Patch are going up; it’s free. Government cannot run any business.


I JUST RECEIVED my property tax statement for 2012. The envelope it came in and the return envelope had the name STEVEN B. KENDRICK in large bold caps, which dwarfed all of the other information. Is there an ego problem here or what?


WOW! BUFFALO AND Florida Atlantic, how much tougher can it get? The Bulldog Nation must be really proud of their strength of schedule.


IF THE MILLSHAVEN Homeowners Association says the playhouse is the wrong color and has to match her house, then why don’t they help her paint her house pink, too? A grandchild is only 4 for a while, and if she wants to have a pink house to play in, they are all being big bullies to think otherwise.


FREQUENTLY THE NEWS anchormen on Channel 6 in the evening have beverage cups setting on the desk in full views of the cameras. How unprofessional.



Sun, 12/17/2017 - 19:23

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