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I WHOLEHEARTEDLY SUPPORT everything that Dr. Azziz is trying to do for this town. As a change-agent I can empathize with everything he is experiencing.


AFTER SEEING HYDE PARK on TV with its water, moisture and mildew problems, before we build anything else in Augusta, we need to take care of Hyde Park and these precious people. They should have decent housing. They deserve it.


RICHARD ROUNDTREE IS going to groups and clubs making promises that if he is elected he will do certain things. The voters of Richmond County need to be aware of what they are getting into.


THE COMMISSION NEVER gave the Kelly brothers a chance because they were honest, hardworking, decent, local people. If they were from California or overseas or some giant corporation that is going to charge people a million dollars to play golf, they would get them in a second.


RANT TO JOE JACKSON on the commission. I noticed that he was the only one who voted against relocating those people in Hyde Park. What kind of heart does he have? I don’t think he would let himself or his family live there.


A HUGE RANT TO our local ABC affiliate, WJBF, for choosing not to air the new Katie Couric talk show. It would be a vast improvement over several daytime shows that are currently airing, some of them new.


I AM A RETIRED police officer. Whenever we arrested juveniles, we went directly and got the parent. We had very few repeat offenders once the parents started getting involved in their children’s lives. The biggest problem we had was that the parents made excuses. Parents, get involved. Officers, when you arrest a juvenile, go get the parents. Believe me, it will curb a lot of second offenders.


PLEASE, DR. AZZIZ, please reconsider applying for the vacancy at the University of Florida. You going to Florida would make all of Augusta very happy. Please make us happy!


A FEW YEARS AGO, I tried to contact Rep. John Barrow to share a view about a matter concerning a congressional vote. Upon finding that I was outside his district, his secretary said that he did not talk to those outside his district. Now that he has changed residence into my large district, and my large church, perhaps he would talk to me.



Wed, 11/22/2017 - 18:38

Rants and raves