Rants & Raves

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RANT TO RICHMOND County Board of Education for selling broken items at the surplus sale. When I called to ask what can be done, I was met with attitude and snide remarks … typical.

IT REALLY TICKS me off when I have to pay my Georgia Power bill. Before they even add the current service I’ve used, the bill is already at $38.42. How can they charge so much for all their compliance and recovery costs? We really need alternative companies so we can choose whatever power company we want.

MY RANT IS how the city of Augusta and/or the lease holders of “The Patch” shut down the course and reopened the course, but neither of the parties seems to have paid the people who worked there.

HUGE RANT! Handi­capped people, the pull-through parking spots that are now opening up are for vans/trucks/SUVs/cars that have a ramp or a lift attached to them, not for you to park your little cars in.

OUR AMBASSADOR to Libya was murdered by Islamic fanatics. The religion of peace kills again.

THE PROBLEM WITH Barrow is he is a Democrat and his presence in D.C. gives the oppressive, Democrat regime a numbers advantage in Congress.

RAVE TO Somewhere in Augusta Bar & Grill for feeding the public safety officers today for free.

SOMEONE IS UPSET that the Editorial and Opinion section of The Augusta Chronicle seems very biased? An editorial is the opinion of the publisher, editor or editors. So to whoever is reading this: Editors, stop publishing your opinions in your opinion section. Is that what your readers want?

A RAVE TO ALL the employees and customers that helped my Mom after she fell in Joann’s Fabrics on Saturday, Sept. 15. She wants to especially thank the young man who stayed with her and talked to her the whole time until the ambulance arrived. There’s not too many young men now who would sit and comfort an 86-year-old lady, but he did. There’s no concussion or broken bones but she does look like a raccoon. Thank you so much for your kindness. God bless you all.


Sat, 08/19/2017 - 01:11

Rants and raves