Rants & Raves

OFFICES FOR ANIC? We’re spending $300,000 we don’t have, for property we don’t need, for offices that will house someone who should be fired … to prop up ANIC, which should be disbanded. … I’m speechless.


IT CONCERNS ME so many people will complain about naming a university, but no one has complained about the half-dressed women in the Tipsey McStumbles commercial.

FORGET THE Oval Office. Romney should be in a jail cell. With Bain Capital he raped corporations making millions by borrowing money to buy interest in a vulnerable company, gave bonuses to the top execs and put middle class workers out of jobs. In organized crime this is known as a “bust out.” I dare this paper to print the truth.

I DON’T LIKE the university name but it’s time to get on with making the best of the situation. The universities belong to the state of Georgia, not Augusta. They are funded primarily by the state, not Augusta. Accept the money that has been poured into the local economy and work to make it the best university in the system. Augusta is known for the Masters; perhaps it can also be proudly known as the home of Georgia Regents University.

I SAW DR. KITCHENS’ picture in the paper. That was a wonderful man. He saved my life twice. I am very grateful to him.

I WOULD LIKE TO HEAR what Augusta black ministers think about Obama’s view on abortion rights.

THE PRICES HAVE gone up considerably at Goodwill Stores. You can hardly afford to go in and buy anything anymore. You might as well buy things at a regular retail store or online. You can’t get the things that those of us on fixed income can’t afford to get.

RAVE FOR THE mosquito patrol. Thanks. You finally got to me after three weeks.

I AM SO TIRED of hearing about the economy. What about the war? What about Medicare? What about our troops coming home. That is what we need to hear. I thank our president for bringing our troops home and ending the war in 31/2 years. This country isn’t all about jobs. God help us.

RAVE TO Sheriff Ronnie Strength on a job well done. Now I want him to relax and take a vacation.



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Rants and raves

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