Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


I BELIEVE ELECTIONS such as mayor and sheriff should be nonpartisan so those of us who are concerned about the 12th Congressional District don’t have to worry about which party to choose. I would have voted for Scott Peebles if I had not been concerned about the 12th District race. Don’t say people were too lazy to go vote; blame our local election setup and try to get it changed.


CLINTON SAYS THE Republicans want to take over because Obama couldn’t clean up the mess they handed him fast enough. Seems like a fair and balanced description.


RANT TO THE three couples who were at Teresa’s on Boy Scout Road Sept. 9. The entire time we were there trying to enjoy a nice Sunday lunch while you let all of your kids (about six of them) run wild all over the place. I have children and grandchildren, and I would never allow them to do such a thing. What makes you think that all of the other patrons wanted to be bothered by that? I hope you enjoyed your lunch because the rest of us certainly did not. Rant to the staff at Teresa’s for not saying something to the parents.


THIS IS A RAVE for Commissioner Wayne Guilfoyle. I called him about a foul odor out here on McDade Road, and he had it taken care of the next day! It seems like there was some rotting road kill hidden in a ditch. Thanks, Wayne! McDade Road now smells like roses again!


REGARDING THE strike by Chicago teachers: I taught in NYC and was on strike for 37 days. Right now the Republicans are trying to break the union – remember schools can run without principals but not without teachers! Let the parents take their children to a museum or other cultural event while the teachers try to get a contract. The teachers want to teach and they work many hours a day – calling unruly parents on the phone and grading papers. They also have to answer to the principal – if he doesn’t like you, watch out! I know as I was the union rep in my school five years.