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A RANT ABOUT THE Republican VP candidate. How can we trust Paul Ryan to tell the truth to the American people about anything when he can’t even be truthful about his own marathon running record? I forgot; the Republicans ignore the fact checkers.


AL MASON WALKED, just as I thought he would. These folks who work for local government always look out for one another.


I LOVED THE Applause cover. Way to go, Trilogy Gunby!


A RAVE FOR Mayor Deke Copenhaver, Alvin Mason and Corey Johnson. You said you would bring growth and jobs to south Augusta and you did it. Thank you for all the Dollar General, Family Dollar, and Fred’s stores. We have one on every corner -- some less than 2 miles apart. We need jobs that pay benefits such as insurance, retirement and a pay rate above minimum wage. We must do better. We are homeowners and pay taxes. Do better, elected officials. Thanks for nothing.


A RAVE FOR University Hospital. Thanks to Robbin on the fourth floor. She is a very kind, and patient person. She really took excellent care of me during my stay. I have never been in the hospital before but she made sure I was in good hands. She truly gave me her time and alleviated my fears after surgery. You are the best, Robbin.


HOW COULD YOU PICK a company to run The Patch with no financial solvency when there were legitimate companies waiting in line? And then how could you pull the plug on the Kellys who really care about that important institution? When all they asked for is the same thing you and I would ask for if we lease a home or apartment: serviceable plumbing, heating, air, no holes in ceiling or roof.


AUGUSTA RADIATION Oncology employs a band of angels. They treated me with love and compassion as I went through my treatment. Gina, Amber, Brenda, GiGi and Colleen – you rock!


IT IS A PARENT’S responsibility to send their children to college, not the government.


THE DECISION TO JOIN all the entities I really can’t grasp but a giant rant for how it went down. Dr. Azziz, if it walks like an inconsiderate decision, talks like an inconsiderate decision and smells like an inconsiderate decision, it is a foul way to do business.



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