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CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG, but did we not just complete a million-dollar project paving Walton Way from one end to the other? Why in the heck are they now digging it up for utilities?


FOR ALL YOU PEOPLE WHO complain every hour of every day about President Obama, you will see what he has done and what he is doing to bring this country to its greatness. Three years is not enough to clean up eight years of damage. Stop following Romney and Ryan. Under their plan only rich Republicans will benefit. You poor and middle class Republicans will suffer along with the Democrats.


A RANT TO C.T. WALKER and the Richmond County Board of Education. After a full month of school, my fifth-grader did not have a homeroom teacher and was missing several books necessary to do classwork and homework.


ALVIN MASON WALKED, just as I thought he would. These folks who work for local government always look out for each other.


CLINTON IS STATING that Obama has a plan for the next four years to rebuild America from the ground up. What a joke. If that were true, why hasn’t he used that plan for the past four years?


SCOTT PEEBLES, you may have gotten a promotion by endorsing Roundtree, but your chances of ever becoming sheriff are slim to none.


I WOULD LIKE TO know who the sports writer is who thinks that a seven-point win is a rout. Since when?


I THOUGHT WE WERE electing a president not a king. But then again I wonder.


OBAMA’S RE-ELECTION COMMERCIAL refers to “President Bill Clinton.” Bill Clinton is not the president. He is the former president.


I WOULD VOTE FOR Joe Bowles for mayor of Augusta any day of the week. I think he is a fine, upstanding, reasonable man.


ALL VICE PRESIDENT (Joe) Biden can talk about is Mitt Romney. He is not talking about how he is going to change the country. But Mitt Romney didn’t talk about vice president Biden or Obama. Mitt Romney talks about how he could make the jobs come back to America that Obama sent overseas. Republicans are the way to go.



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