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A RAVE FOR our ministers. You are so faithful. You visit even in the rain. You have so much pride. Our hearts go out to you, you men of God. Thank you.


THE PICTURE OF THE young lady squirting lighter fluid onto a lit grill was a disaster waiting to happen.


RAVES FOR Dwight D. Eisenhower Army Medical Center at Fort Gordon. Thanks to the doctors on the ninth floor. Great job.


I AM AN OUTRAGED and disgusted devout Catholic at the use of the image of Our Lady of Grace in an ad for “nightmare plantation”! What is the relevance in using the sacred image of the Blessed Mother in an ad for a haunted house?


ALTHOUGH I CAN a business wanting to be convenient, I feel it’s a poor choice to have a commercial for people needing to file bankruptcy that has you riding around in a fancy RV, just to be convenient.


NOW THAT WE’VE passed the transportation special purpose local option sales tax, maybe we can get a second traffic light in Appling and that much-needed traffic circle at the Pumpkin Center.


I THINK THE PEOPLE who check “documents’” at the license department need to get their act together. I went there today with my original birth certificate, but the state of Michigan issues a registration instead. Everything was on it. This state is turning out to be a joke.


WHEN USING AN ATM, please stay in your car and do not approach someone withdrawing money. It feels very threatening and scary when you are crowding in too closely.


A RAVE FOR THE Democratic Party. Recall Sept. 3 when President Obama commented that the RNC should have been viewed on a black-and-white TV with rabbit ears. I assume this was a form of comedy. The past 3 1/2 years-plus are the result of his comical administration.


EVERY TIME I READ about Mitt Romney, he is promising leadership. Anyone can promise that. Why doesn’t he lay out a detailed plan of how and where he intends to lead us?


A RANT TO THE Rants & Raves staff. I find it very strange that there aren’t any rants chosen to print about Mitt Romney or the Republicans. I have sent in several but none ever go to print.




Wed, 01/17/2018 - 23:14

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