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A STANFORD UNIVERSITY study says there’s “little evidence” for all the hype about so-called organic foods. Right along with the absurd environmentalist game and the green game, it’s been a political scam from the first, a nonexistent “problem” that sets up politicians as the “saviors” while those politicians grab our freedom and stuff it in a ditch.=

THANKS TO THE MAN who assisted me at the mall parking lot in front of Jared’s on Aug. 14, between 3:30-4 p.m. Thanks also to the lady who offered to help. These are two compassionate people in the Augusta area. Thanks to my two angels.

A BIG RANT TO THE government because next year our Medicare premiums more than double and nobody tells us the Bad News for Seniors in ADVANCE. You are just supposed to be surprised, I guess!!

PRESIDENT OBAMA’S solution to our economic problems is to raise taxes, rebuild infrastructure and hire more police and firefighters. Well we did it under President Obama for four years and $5 trillion more in debt and unemployment above 8 percent. Instead of Forward, Obama should have a slogan of reverse to the past!

PAGE ONE PHOTO, girl with dangerous, explosive, flammable liquid!!!! ... WHERE ARE YOUR EDITORS? ... COMPLETELY IRRESPONSIBLE!

POOR DR. AZZIZ. He never learned that sometimes when you win, you lose

I WANT TO SAY hoo-ray Chick-fil-A! Their love for God will never sway. ... And we love the food at Chick-fil-A!

WE NEED HELP FROM code enforcement. We have been overrun by hundreds of tacky handwritten road signs hawking “mattresses in plastic” and house buying schemes. Closely behind are signs ads for wood flooring and burial insurance. These signs are now encroaching into our neighborhoods. Please contact these perpetrators and give them a remove by date for this ugly, illegal and distracting litter or pay a stiff fine.

RANT FOR THE Richmond County Library. I can understand why Columbia County wants to break away. I tried to donate over 200 books and the lady told me that it looked like too much work. So I drove them out to Columbia County library and they were happy to get them.



Wed, 11/22/2017 - 18:38

Rants and raves