Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


IN REFERENCE TO all the tirades concerning Georgia Regents Univer­sity: Please, my fellow Au­gustans, one battle at a time. Many are still fighting the Civil War. Are we living in the 21st century?

REP. JOHN BARROW supports Obama while at the same time hiding out and trying to not be noticed whenever Obama’s name is mentioned.

“PATCH DEAL HITS snag.” Ain’t it amazing how government people can’t do anything right, but those same people, once outside of government, do just fine. What’s the difference? As long as people work for government, they’re gambling taxpayer money, not their own.

HOW MANY MILLIONS of taxpayer dollars went into new Richmond County courthouse designs that make stairs dangerous so people trip on them? Or is all the tripping caused by dumb trippers who try to climb stairs and talk on cellphones at the same time? Or is it both?

AS IF THINGS AREN’T bad enough, WGAC (We Grumble and Complain) radio just seems to continuously beat the airwaves with negative reminders.

TO THE LADY who dug up the newly planted shrubs before dawn at the Friedman Branch Li­brary: You were caught on camera. These plants were provided and planted by members of the Iris Garden Club. You should try contributing rather than stealing.

DON’T VOTE FOR the candidate with your heart. Vote with your knowledge of the candidate.

WHERE, OH WHERE IS the Columbia County mosquito control unit? I read all sorts of stuff in the paper about Rich­mond County mosquito control: How great they are, how quickly they respond to taxpayers’ request for spraying. I never thought I’d be envious of anything in Richmond County, but I sure do envy them this service. What’s going on in Columbia County? Where’s the mosquito, dudes?

IF YOU DON’T LIKE the fact that rich people don’t pay enough taxes, don’t blame them, blame the tax code.

RANT TO ALL doctors who will not take Medicare patients. As I recall, when they took their oath to become a doctor, it was to take care of the sick. Without Medicare and Medicaid patients, where do they think they will be when the rest of the employed patients who are insured lose their jobs?