Rants & Raves

GIVE CREDIT TO Dr. Ricardo Azziz. After all, he was able to change something in Augusta, and we all know very well, that nothing had changed in Augusta in the past 40 years or so. Therefore, I will endorse Azziz for mayor.



ELLIOT BOULEVARD and Canton Road in south Richmond County need to be resurfaced. They are covered in potholes. Where is that 1-cent sales tax money going? We need better roads out here in Richmond County.


I AM NOT A politician but I do have common sense. To make the economy better and for us taxpayers to have more money to spend on necessities, why not place a cap price on gasoline, oil and fuels?

TAKE A GOOD LOOK at all the people who signed up for Medicaid and freebies that taxpayers are paying for. Take a look at their gold jewelry, necklaces, earrings, all the fine clothes and the cars they drive. Also look at the kids getting free lunch and also are wearing $80-90 shoes. Look at how much taxpayer money they are getting.


THEY OUGHT TO take the 411 information and completely get rid of it because when you call they can’t even give you a correct address or phone number. Telecommunication is not what they say it is.


I AM 90 YEARS OLD. I worked at the Augusta Arsenal helping make guns for our troops, and I was proud of what I did. It later became Augusta State, which I am also proud of. I am not proud that they are taking Augusta out of this because we women worked in these factories and we helped our nation.


WE GET EVERY BIT as many telemarketing calls now as before the Do Not Call program started. When you do call the number to complain, that number is blanked and you have initiated the call. They have you either way; you have lost. Call and write your representative.


THE SHERIFF CAMPAIGN is about race. Ronald Strength is showing his true colors investigating voter fraud. That was so stupid of him believing Mrs. Moore was promised a car for four votes.