Rants & Raves

TROPICAL STORMS AND hurricanes are not the reason for rising fuel prices. Greed is the real and only reason! Greed that will destroy this country and the world.


RANT TO THE person making rude comments Sept. 1 in the handicap parking at Bed Bath & Beyond on Robert C. Daniel. Just because someone looks or appears to be in good health does not mean they are.

IS IT WORTH American lives and money in Iraq and Afghanistan? If politicians actually planned to win wars, it might be worth it, but the U.S. stopped winning wars after World War II.

WALGREEN PHARMACIST Matthew at Peach Or­chard Road is most patient and professional. He was pleasant to everyone, and even though I felt terrible he made me calm and confident in his service.

I AM SO GLAD TO SEE people setting up community gardens! Now if we can just utilize those abandoned city properties as gardens, with prisoners or probationers doing the work, we could have enough food to feed all the homeless and a lot of the poor, I’ll bet.

REMEMBER, ROUNDTREE has not been elected sheriff. People are leaving comments as if he has already been elected. I for one am sick of the way people are phrasing their comments.

ARE YOU BETTER OFF now than you were three years ago? I am very careful with my retirement savings, and yet after three years of Obama, my savings is down over 40 percent.

AZZIZ AND OBAMA have the same thing in common: no leadership, only dictatorship.

WHAT IS SHOCKING ARE the fees that Augusta State charges, and they are not even a top-tier school.

RAVES TO NORTH AUGUSTA Public Safety for ticketing illegally parked cars at the River View boat ramp. Those parking spaces are clearly marked for boat trailers only.

RANT TO THE FAMILY who thought the Dumpster at Marvin United Methodist Church was for their personal use. Now we have to pay to have all the junk, sofas, table, bookcase you left hauled off, not to mention that we can’t put any of the church’s trash in because you filled up the inside. The police have been notified, and you will be charged if found.