Rants & Raves



RAVE FOR THE young lady at Lowe’s on Peach Orchard Road whose name was Cassandra. She was very helpful and went out of her way to help me with my problem.


CONGRATULATIONS TO THE A.R. Johnson girls’ volleyball team on being ranked. You are a great bunch of young women with an awesome coach. Now can we get The Augusta Chronicle to leave the football field and give these student-athletes some coverage that they deserve?


TAKE A GOOD look at ASU and GSHU. See how many higher-ups have been hired here and there, and yet they put out word they will be cutting jobs to save money. Who do you think will get chopped?


‘ASU GIVING FALLS SHORT’ – Expect that to continue. Donors no longer trust this named/renamed merger of whatever it is that’s controlled by confusion. Would you?!


RUBIO SAYS TO “Pray for freedom and liberty for Cuba.” Amen. While he was about it, he could have also said to pray for freedom and liberty for the United States because Obama is rapidly and purposely killing our freedom and liberty.


ROMNEY WAS A progressive just a couple years ago and now he is a conservative. If he is elected, can we really trust him to stay that way?


EASTWOOD HIT IT right: Hollywood liberals are “left of Lenin.” That’s why they support our current president. Problem is most of his supporters do not know who “that” Lenin is (Clue: Not the former Beatle).


PRAISE TO THE downtown library for alerting us to the use of ancestry.com! I’ve found things about my grandparents I did not know.


GENTLEMEN! WHY DO you NOT remove your hats when you enter a building? Hats are intended to protect the wearer from sun, rain and wind and should only be worn outdoors (you know, that’s where the sun, rain, and wind tend to be). Are you expecting rain in the dining room at The Olive Garden? High winds in Target? Do you think you might get a sunburn cruising the mall? Exceptions: Women, clergy, royalty, those observing religious tradition. A grudging break to men going to the hardware store. If you’re not in those groups, please take your hat off indoors! P.S. Turning your ball-cap around backwards or sideways does not count.



Wed, 11/22/2017 - 18:38

Rants and raves